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Client Cases

We developed the Lightercompany.co.uk website with ease of use in mind and a clean professional image. The result was a highly successful online store that from day one proved to be a success - the site started off using pay per click and now combines this with excellent free search engine results. For a more detailed look into this client and the success we brought it click here.

Ellison Roberts designs cultural adventures for discerning people. This isn't just a normal travel site, they hold a niche sector in tailor made adventure travel. For this project we made sure we understood exactly what the business aims were and the sectors they were wanting to aim for. Read the clients testimonial here.

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Suppliers of replica clothing to the Formula 1 world and quality leisure wear branded to their clients requirements Tssp.com came to us requiring a complete pay per click campaign on all networks. As this was a niche market we made sure we researched and knew our client before creating the accounts. Once the accounts went live, the client noticed a significant increase in visitors and sales. Read what they said about us here.

Being one of the finest online florist business sites around, we created pay per click accounts on all 4 networks which resulted in a significant increase in visitors and sales from the site. We also created seasonal campaigns for special dates such as Valentine's Day and Mothers Day which proved to be a great success. See what the business owner had to say about our service here.

Already being an established online florist website, New Media Solutions was asked to come in and revamp their online paid marketing campaigns. We worked with the client well to improve their pay per click accounts performance and allow the client to compete against some of the more wildly known florists, read the managers testimonial here.

The Leeds hotel company came to us with no internet presence at all, we evaluated the business and what it was trying to achieve and then created full pay per click campaigns, this resulted in an increase in bookings instantly and enquiries referred from online. You can read their testimonial here.

Not just any old cafe bar, Cafegeo required a website that worked with the feel of the cafe bar. The result was an old fashioned style website with a look and feel of the early century. The website has proved to be a popular tool for the cafe bar in their brand awareness campaign, simple yet proving to work well alongside the establishments offline marketing.

The local golf club required a website to be used as an information portal for all activities and events as well as provide valuable information online to members. The result was a clean golf related themed website with an easy to use navigation system and with a fresh clean feel, read the club directors testimonial to see how pleased they were here.

The client required a website that would generate a professional feel and trust and would result in the user filling in the form to receive a quote for windows and doors. We designed a simple site with minimum fuss to get to the forms to fill in. We also created the pay per click campaigns for this client which resulted in thousands of pounds worth of windows and doors business for the client, generated by people requesting quotes on this website.

Proving we can turn our hand to anything we designed and launched a website for the local rugby league team, with many sections. We worked with the client to come up with something that would allow a serious and also humorous website feel. This resulted in the rugby club having one of the best websites for any UK amateur rugby team.

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