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Ok so you've had your shiny new website built and you sit proud at how it looks and what it can do, now what? Well the next phase and just as equally important as the site design itself is your online marketing strategy or search engine optimisation. This is the process by which you improve the natural (organic) search engine rankings of a website, this is not the paid or pay per click method, but the method by which your website appears in the free results. Most users of search engines only click on the first 2-3 pages, around 90% to be exact, so if your website is not listed on the first 3 pages then you're losing out on valuable free traffic (visitors) to your website.

In the UK at present and more or less worldwide there are 3 big players in the search engine market, Google, MSN and Yahoo, these 3 between them account for over 90% of all search engine traffic. Each of these websites works differently in how it determines where your website appears in the free search engine results. These search engine results change on a frequent basis as search engines update and change. A search engine optimisation campaign is essential to ensure your website appears in search engine results and receives targeted traffic valuable to your industry, after all, good rankings mean free advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

We have 7 years experience in search engine optimisation, and just as importantly we only use website safe methods that won't get you banned or penalized by the search engines as some companies do. We care about your websites performance long term not just for now. Our services include professional website evaluation, keyword research (we can tell you how many people per month are searching for your product or service), we check the current status of your website and how it can be improved, we have professional content writers that will create keyword targeted content for your website on new and existing pages, all with unique content and metatags, combined with a site navigation system that will enable search engines to find and search your websites internal linking structure.

Initial Website Analysis And Evaluation

New Media Solutions professional and experienced online marketers will start the SEO process by checking the current status of your website to ensure that the optimization campaign will not be hindered by any problems of function or site design and layout. Then, using manual keyword searches as well as our custom research software and online tools, we will create a list of highly searched keywords and phrases in your field. You can see reports on these keywords and how often they are searched for on the internet. We then work with you to decide what keywords to optimise for, there are no limits to these keywords.

Professional Website Content Creation

After a list of high traffic volume keywords has been created, we can then use this list to create professional content for your website. Using their training and experience, our writers will ensure that your website copy targets the keywords in accordance with the right amounts and marketing of your site. We will also consult you before getting started on your content to be confident that the standard of your website is not hindered.

Redevelopment Of Your Website

Our professional search engine optimisers will work with the newly created copy to integrate the content within your own website. We will redevelop your website to aid your keyword performance with search engines. All aspects of a website that require attention, including its structure, architecture, page meta tags, image alt tags, graphic-text, internal linking methods and sub-pages will be enhanced to be search engine spider friendly and best meet search engine ranking algorithms that determine its rankings. We will not alter the design of your website in anyway and you have full control over everything in this process at all times.

Linking Strategy

A major factor in attaining high search engine rankings is the acquisition and process of developing inbound links from other high quality websites that are well established and have something in common with your own website. We include this in our SEO service as link development is a vital part of the success of your websites search engine performance and can be done in many ways. There is an art and skill to developing a safe linking campaign, after all you have to be careful who links back to you and some linking methods are frowned upon by search engines and may harm your websites ranking, not improve it, our search engine service includes all this.

Website Announcement And Submission

After we have completed the full optimisation and development process of your website, we will then start to submit your website to all the major search engines, portals and directories, these include Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, Lycos , AOL, AskJeeves and the all important DMOZ (Open Directory). This is an ongoing process on a weekly basis as there are literally hundreds of shopping portals, business search engines and directories that your website can be submitted too, this in turn will aid the inbound link building process too. We don't use automated submission software that harms your rankings and delivers zero results, we submit by hand.

Progress Reporting

Before all this has been started we will run a report on your websites rankings and its present performance in search engines. So you have a clear understanding of how it's ranked at present, we also take details of its traffic and hits so we can compare the increase in the long term. You will receive monthly ranking reports and weekly updates on your sites traffic increase, we can tell you how many visitors you had, where they came from, how they found you and much more, we use Google Analytics which offers a comprehensive and extensive amount of information on the usage of your website, see our reports example page to see examples of what and how we can display information on your websites visitors stats. As the monthly reports progress you can see how your website is improving in search engines. You can view all your reports on your websites performance in our client lounge, you will receive your own personal login to your section which will display all the reports you need and keep all previous reports as well so you can compare, look back etc as you wish, this is all included in our full search engine optimisation service.

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