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20th May 2008: Microsoft Falling Behind in Online Advertising Market Share.

Microsoft has admitted it's not happy with how it's performing in the online advertising world and it's share of the market. The company admits to lagging behind and is losing the battle for it's share of the market. The company is still trying to do a deal with Yahoo to work on this.

14th May 2008: Google Pagerank

Update Google has recently update the pagerank of all it's websites, how did yours do. Did all that quality link building pay off. If you would like to discuss link building and SEO then please feel free to contact us anytime.

31st October 2007 :Festive Season Online Spend Increase Starts A Week Early.

Feedback from our clients who own and run online stores is that the annual increase in online spend due to the festive season approaching has started a week early, traditionally the 1st week in November results in a start of the increase in online spend but our clients have notived an increase within the last week.

24th October 2007 :Google Pagerank Update.

The long awaited Google Pagerank update has occured, how have you done, pagerank is the value Google see's your website/pages in relation to your industry, whilst low pagerank is not the end of the world a high pagerank will help your websites rankings.

29th September 2007 :Yahoo Search switches to new Google Adwords like user system for their PPC network.

The PPC (Pay Per Click) network Yahoo Search has recently switched over its interface to a more Google Adwords like structure, this brings with it plenty of benefits but also plenty of problems, experienced Google Adwords users will enjoy the similar user interface yet inexperienced users may have preferred the more simpler original Yahoo search admin. In the long term the benefits will be better but whilst new users get used to the new Yahoo Search system we will try to help.

22nd March 2007 : Wikipedia to launch search engine.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on Thursday indicated his plans to launch an open source search engine early next year. According to Wales , the first test version of the search engine could be released sometime in 2007 so that programmers could spot and remove the bugs that only become visible with real-world usage. Speaking at a news conference in Japan , Wales said the project being run by Wikia Inc. could snag as much as 5 percent of the search market. Wales said that although the project is still in its preliminary phase, it has already started attracting attention from a community of engineers, programmers and developers. "We are getting a lot of interest from second-tier search players who are really interested in some of the alternatives that might be available," he told Macworld.com.

The Wiki-founder went on to criticize Google and Yahoo! for keeping their search technologies under wraps and said that the technology used by Google should not necessarily be given the market edge it is receiving."The idea that Google has some edge because they've got super duper rocket scientists may be a little antiquated now," he said at the conference.

18th March 2007 : Internet spend to reach £10 billion.

It is estimated that by 2010 over £10 billion pounds will be spent online by the consumer. It is predicted 10% of all purchase will be made online with the average online customer spending around £1,744 per annum.


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