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Search Engine Optimization

1. What is search engine optimization?
Almost 90% of people don't click past the 3rd page of search engine results. Search engine optimization is what is required so your website appears in the free search engine listings, not the pay per click listings. The 2 are completely different. So basically there are 2 ways to appear in a search engines, pay per click or free listings, pay per click requires an account and funds and you pay each click you get from the search engine, free search engine listings means you appear in the free results and there is no fee.

search engine optimisation Search engine optimization is the art of making sure your website archives these free listings. Each search engine has different ways of determining where your website should be ranked, Google, Yahoo, MSN and more all work differently, this requires a long term strategy for your website. Remember its 24 hours a day 7 days a week free advertising for your business should your website appear in the top 2-3 pages.

2. Is it expensive, how much does it cost?
The actual listing in the free search engine results cost nothing, however the work required to gain these listings does require a fee, you can do this yourself but it takes years to gain the experience, skills and knowledge of how search engines work and how they choose to decide what websites should appear in the top listings. Plus search engines are always changing the way they rank websites so you constantly need to adapt, learn and research all this, we do this daily. Don't forget once you have achieved good rankings its free advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can do all you need for SEO, we do professional copy writing to ensure perfect keyword rich text for your website at just the right amount and to not appear unprofessional on your website.

3. Where will my website ads appear?
This all depends on many factors, search engine optimization is an ongoing process, you can't simply do some then leave it. You need to constantly work on the website onsite and offsite to maintain and increase your free rankings, we have been doing this for 7 years with great success. We will not guarantee 20 number 1 rankings positions in Google as this simply does not happen, and any company offering this is not telling the truth, or they may be able to get you number 1 rankings for a phrase hardly searched for like "halifax home made cookies shop online" which anyone can rank for quite easily BUT it won't bring you any traffic, people search for by 1 or 2 word phrases, sometimes 3.

We know what people are searching for and where and when, we use this information to make sure we target for you phrases that will result in traffic. After phase one is complete we then work on increasing your rankings and work on the new listings you have gained, so phase one is doing all the initial onsite and offsite optimization then once then new rankings have appeared we build on them.

4. How quick does it take to appear in the search engine free results?
This depends on many factors, it does not happen overnight, it can take from 1 month to 5 months to appear if you have no rankings, if you already have existing rankings in search engines and Google etc then this time is shortened and can be 1-2 months. But once there the free traffic and visitors are worth it, plus yo have no ongoing fee's for clicks etc, the only fee is ours for doing all the work to get you there. Also once you are appearing in search engines you need to constantly work on the site still or your listings will drop.

5. What is involved in search engine optimization?
There are far too many factors involved in how a search engine determines if your website should appear top in the search results to mention here, ideally you need to be in the top 1-2 pages, 3rd perhaps so you can build on this. A good search engine ranking is an accumulation of many factors, here at New Media Solutions we have 7 experience in all these and can make sure your website is fully optimized for search engines. SEO is the description by understanding how search engines work and what human visitors might search for on the internet, to help match those visitors with websites offering what the searcher is interested in finding.

We can provide all you need for your websites free ranking campaign, and look after your website on an ongoing basis. We also only use site friendly techniques that enhance your website, we do not use any methods condoned by search engines that may risk harming your website in the long run, some companies in our field use methods that may harm your website and get you penalized or even dropped from search engines as a result, we pay particular attention to this aspect and make sure your website is always safely optimized.

Free listings take longer to achieve when doing search engine optimization then pay per click listings but are well worth doing as its free advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a lot more work involved and results take longer as well but once good rankings are in search engines then its well worth while. We can provide quotes for this service on your website but do not have a set price as all websites are different and require different methods, so you can be sure we will create a solution tailor-made to your website.

Say your website sells holidays to Kenya, if someone searches for "holidays to kenya" in Google you site must appear in the top 20 or first page to stand any chance of being visited. Most people do not go past the 3rd page of results in search engines so if your website is not there then you are missing out, simple as that.

90% of Internet traffic comes from approximately 10 search engines. There are various ways and methods of getting into those search engines, some free, some require a fee and some use pay per click. We won't promise to get you ranked number 1 for all phrases you want i all search engines as it simply can't be done. We work with you to implement many ways of achieving good rankings using safe methods that won't get your website penalized in the long run which is sometimes the case.

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