Guaranteed 1st page advert listing in Google & the top 10 UK search engines instantly from just £299, select the package that suits you.

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"Get a free view of your live advert on Googles 1st page before you buy"

If people search on Google for the product or the service you provide in your area does your website appear? If not why not, after all it's potential custom, we can make sure your business appears on the 1st page of Google and all the top ten UK search engines for your industry, so if you provide suit hire in Leeds when someone types into Google or any of the search engines in the higher end packages "suit hire in leeds" or "leeds suit hire" or any combination of words related to suit hire in leeds we make sure your website advert appears on the first page of that search engine, as people rarely view the 2nd or 3rd page of results on Google. If you don't have a website we'll give you a one page website free to allow you to advertise on search engines, this includes all your details & photos.

advertise on google Before you purchase a package we will set you up your advert first so you can see what it looks like live on Google UK's search results. We only allow one business in each industry per town to advertise and purchase a package, this means it's a first come first served basis and no two companies in the same industry from the same town can book this service. Then once your happy you simply pay the full package fee or pay in installments.

Package 1 - Google

Package 2
- Google, AOL, ASK

Package 3
- Google, AOL, ASK, Guardian, Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, ITV, Orange

Package 4
- Google, AOL, ASK, Guardian, Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, ITV, Orange, MSN

To request us to set up your advert free so you can view your live advert on the 1st page of Google UK before you buy email us here: packages@newmedia-solutions.co.uk

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