About New Media Solutions

Hmm, good question, we started off as a small one man consultancy 7 years ago, back then search engine marketing was easy, well easier then it is now, there was no such thing as pay per click marketing, sponsored listings and such like. As with everything the internet evolved and so to did we by utilizing new skills and new techniques.

We are always researching how the internet works, how search engines work and new ways to advertise online as these are introduced to us. We are based in Halifax in West Yorkshire “oop north”, but that doesn’t mean we know how to make the perfect Yorkshire puddings so don’t ask! As we buy Aunt Bessies around here!

We are experts in pay per click marketing, free search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and creating online stores, we also do a mean website design too. We can basically create and build your online presence and then we know exactly how and where to market it, after all it’s not just a case of if you build it they will come, an online marketing campaign is an essential requirement of any websites success.

As new methods of advertising online are being opened and created, we can offer you a safe and reliable route to these. Our services include professional copywriting, internet research and a very personal and close working relationship with our clients - we work with you not for you to ensure your ideas come to fruition.

Using specialist search engine marketers, pay per click specialists and keen internet users and researchers we know how to translate what you want to do, to an effective online working reality.

We believe in flexibility with our clients, you want to ring us on a Saturday evening, fine, we don’t mind, you want us to research into something totally unrelated to what we are working on then that’s fine too, we have 7 years experience in all things online and internet related, you want to buy a new TV and need to know which is the best, we can help you find a good deal, we’re that flexible.

We are adaptable in meeting your requirements and demands, we can turn our skills to anything remotely internet related. We like to forge close working relationships with our clients, in fact come join us in the office on a Friday for a bottle of beer and a sing on our karaoke machine to begin the weekend.

Ultimately we provide professional online marketing solutions for your online business and we can create tailored e-commerce packages or online stores and we can create any size of website for any industry and to meet any requirements. We work with you not for you to bring your ideas to life.