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Client Lounge Reports

When you login to your client lounge account you will be presented with various reports on your websites online performance. There are various sections for your reports, you get access to reports on your search engine rankings in all UK search engines (or worldwide or country specific should you wish) and your Google Analytics reports, as well as your pay per click weekly spend and conversions, below is a detailed description on what each report provides in your client lounge.

Search Engine Rankings Report
This report clearly shows your websites rankings in search engines for the keywords associated with your website that we have agreed on that bring in high volume traffic. We provide you with this report once a month that can be accessed in your client lounge account. You can view previous reports to compare improvements in rankings, click on the image to view a live report.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics reports can tell you you want to know about how your website visitors found your website and how they interact once on your website. We use Google Analytics to learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and performing and see how visitors actually interact with your site. We can track conversions and what keywords are creating sales or leads for your website. Click on the image on the right.

We make informed site design improvements to drive targeted traffic, which in turn increase your conversions and business profits. It provides a lot of powerful web tools that will help you analyze your web site traffic, content and marketing campaigns which can in turn help you optimize your web site and generate more sales or leads as a result. This is included in our search engine marketing services. Click the image on the right.

Pay Per Click Spend Reports
We will also update your account on a weekly basis with reports on your weekly pay per click spend should we manage your pay per click accounts. These reports will show daily spend and which keyword is costing what and in what position your listings are standing. The reports will also show which keywords ae converting into sales or leads for you. Click the image on the right.

Keyword Search Volume Report
Before we start any search engine or pay per click campaign we create a report that will tell you how many people are searching for your product or service online, we give you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats on how many people are searching for what you provide. This tellsyou the potential that having an online marketing campaign brings. Click on the image to the right to see an example of just a few phrases out of hundreds related to car hire.

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